In the webshop you can buy MFive merchandise or beats – everything at affordable prices.


MFive studio offers you professional resources to record your music. We own professional gear for quality sound and beats are available for you to purchase, but you can also bring your own beat.


You can book talented artists to big or small events. MFive works with artists from different genres and we are sure that we are able to find exactly what you need.


With high quality production gear, at MFive Beats we’re serious about giving our clients only top quality beats. High quality beats in = high quality music out.


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What are our customers saying?

“It was an exciting experience to record my music in MFive, they are talented and know their stuff, and there is a really good atmosphere.  Time flies when you’re with them, and with the good sound from their studio, one feels almost inside the speakers. I am looking forward to develop myself and make progress in my music from now on when I will be coming in the MFive studio.”


- Søren

“Jeg kan lide og komme i mfive da der både er plads til fjolleri og sjov, men også være seriøs, flinke og venlige producere som gør dem gode og arbejde med.”

“I like coming in the MFive studio because there is both space for making fun, and for being serious about my music. They have nice, friendly producers who are easy to work with and who are qualified.”

- Lasse