Get to know our producer – Alexander Mishvelia

Get to know our producer – Alexander Mishvelia

Posted by Cristina Slusariuc | 11. april 2018 | Musik, Producenter, Studiet
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Alexander Mishvelia, one of the MFive’s producers (for one year already), comes from Georgia and he’s been in Denmark for over 18 years. At this moment, he’s studying Entrepreneur & Design Business Management (E-Design) at International Business Academy (IBA) in Kolding. Apart from that, he has a diploma from the Danish DJ & Producer Academy, the International Baccalaureate, and several course diplomas ranging from AVID, IAA, and others.

The interest in producing music came from Alex’s childhood, about when he was just ten years old, the reason behind being the fact that he loved music and to express himself.

“I already played the guitar, and wrote songs, so producing it just made sense. – Then I could produce my creativity.”



Alex had his record label for quite some time, when Alfred, the MFive’s CEO asked him to stop by for a meeting after he’d heard about his background. The reason he became a part of MFive is, as he says, very simple, yet crucial.

First of all, it was the deal that resulted between the two companies. Secondly, and perhaps the most important part, was that Alex needed a network in this industry. He says,

Working alone in your record label is fantastic, and I did make a small profit, but after three years of working alone, I wanted to expand my network. I wanted to work with other producers and sound engineers. I couldn’t achieve this in my own company, as I didn’t know many other producers in my area. And on top of that, I didn’t/couldn’t hire new producers to work for me. – After all, it was a small profit, and I was a student.


“I love music. All of it. Pop, Rap (hip-hop, grime, old school, and all the others), soul, classical, folk, country, YOU NAME IT! – But to choose the very best, and the ones I practice mostly myself, it would be soul, pop, and rap.”

Regarding the producers who inspire Alex, they are definitely Dr. Dre, Bigg D, Luis Resto, and Jakob Eilsø. As for artists, these would be, Ed Sheeran; Eminem; Adele; Nik & Jay (early years); Stevie Wonder; SIA; Elton John; The Beatles; One Republic; JP Cooper; Rag’n’Bone Man; Tom MacDonald; Gavin Degraw; Diskoteka Avariya; Timati; P!nk; 50 Cent, and obviously, 2Pac, Elvis Presley. I’ve got more, but the list is long. I take the best from every idol.



It’s a difficult question to answer. To be honest, it all depends on the artist. I usually tell all the people I work with “If you do your best, I’ll do my best. The more effort you invest in it, the more effort I’ll invest”. What I mean by that is that of course I’ll ALWAYS DO MY BEST, but if YOU DO YOUR BEST, as well, we’ll get one heck of a product made in no time and to yours and ours (MFive’s) satisfaction! So to answer the question, it all depends on that. If the artists I work with, startups or professional do their best and put an effort in it, it is an AMAZING experience! – If not, it’s just another day on the job. Fun, but nothing special.




What I mean by that is of course – communicate. Throughout my career, I have met countless of producers who don’t understand this very simple, yet an increasingly crucial element of the production process. COMMUNICATE! What I believe is vital for any producer to understand, is that this job is a service-minded job, meaning that the producer is a SERVANT. The person with real authority is, and will always be, the artists. It’s their song, it’s their money (in the case of MFive’s), and it’s their image and product.

The artist should, therefore, have an ultimate say in how the song should sound, although they should be welcome to ask for advice and stuff. Also, the artist HAVE A RIGHT to know WHAT you’ve done/are doing to their music, and WHY. Obviously, you don’t explain them all details with all the fancy terminology behind, but they HAVE TO KNOW what’s going on, and where both you and them, are in the production process.

“I am nothing but a tool, when I sit in this chair. You decide. I am but a typewriter to the author.”

Concluding, Alexander wants to empathize that ‘the roles of authority, regarding the ultimate decisions of the artist’s songs, are definitely in the artist’s favor.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Alex’s work in MFive, you can follow him on our Facebook page, or on his.



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