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sarah johansen

Recently we started a new collaboration! Her name is Sarah Johansen and she’s a 20 years old talented Danish girl! Her songs (based on the soul/pop genre), are inspired by the ups and downs of her own life.

“I have a constant need of expressing myself, and for that I use my music. The music reminds me, that we are so small in a world so big, and I like to see myself in exactly that place.”

Sarah describes herself as a very open-minded person, always with a smile on her face. She loves meeting new people and discovering new places! But, the most important, she loves music! She says, no matter what happens in my life, I know that I’ll always have my music – that thought makes me feel safe all the time.

At this moment, Alexander Hansen, one of MFive’s producers, helped Sarah to record two songs! The lyrics of the first, “Get by,” come as an answer to a love song which will be soon detailed below. Regarding the second one, “Hide and Seek,” this song is inspired by a close person to Sarah.

A singer’s past love-story inspires the third song,”Rise Up.” Its lyrics, emotional and, simultaneously touching, have the power to make most of the listeners find themselves into the melody. At the same time, the lines bring into attention the feeling of “always knew” that most of us experience at one point in life, and the sad idea when, in time, the person that we love, changes.

“Your scars will turn into shadows
So you can carry them as a shield
We are preparing ourselves so life won’t catch us
When we really need to heal.”

(“Okay,” by Sarah Johansen – some of her favorite lyrics)

When asked how is she writing her lyrics, Sarah said that she’s the most creative, when there isn’t something specific to reach. And, whenever she has a strong feeling of something, she has to write a song about it.

“It’s never possible to describe a whole feeling in one song, but it’s possible to define an angle of that feeling, and as soon as I do that, then I can get this side of the feeling out of my mind.”


Last summer, Sarah had a spontaneous trip by train to Southern Europe She took with her just her piano, the microphone, and the speaker. As the tour proved to be so fulfilling and inspiring, soon she will go on a new trip to USA (starting from Los Angeles and finishing in New York City), together with her friend, Patrick Thomsen, singer as well.

Sarah Johansen MFive Studio Kolding

Sarah Johansen – Southern Europe 2017

“You only are free when you realize you belong no place – you belong every place – no place at all.” – Maya Angelou

Stay tuned to listen to Sarah’s new songs! And, if you’re interested to find out more regarding her musical journeys, follow her on her own Facebook page, or on MFive’s.

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Thanks you Sarah for sharing your story, and being an inspiration not only for me, but also for many others. Beside that I wish you and patrick the best trip to USA.
– From Kadima

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